Welcome to the Divers Section! Interested in learning to dive? Already a diver? Why not join SYSAC Diving section? Affiliated to the British Sub-Aqua Club (BSAC), we are BSAC Branch 99. Our Diving Section is an integral part of the club, with boat owners and divers happily living alongside each other, pursuing their common interest above and below the water. We offer a wide range of diver training, whether you are a student diver or an experienced diver. BSAC training is second to none and our Club offers a number of courses suitable for all. We know from experience that our divers are complimented on their skills wherever they go in the world, and this is something of which we are immensely proud.

We also welcome already qualified divers from all other organisations, such as PADI, SAA and SSI to join our club and dive with us! Thanks to the BSAC Go Dive! campaign, Qualified divers from other diving organisations can join us and try diving with a BSAC club for a limited number of dives. Interested? Visit our facebook page for more info or email info@bsac99.com. 

The Club is also home to a number of Rebreather and Technical divers. We have skilled trimix and rebreather divers in our membership who give guidance to divers who wish to further their skills into this exciting section of diving. Divers with other technical qualifications such as TDI, IANTD and DSAT are also very welcome to join us!
We are a busy Club (weather permitting!) and dive regularly during the dive season – and sometimes off-season too. We dive locally and further afield to other UK sites. Regular trips to West Wales, Lundy, Plymouth, Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly are also available and the Club usually organises an annual liveaboard trip to the Red Sea.

We have frequent Try-Dives, usually in February and September, where you can come along, see the club facilities, and try diving with our experienced instructors. If you have tried diving on holiday, or if you’ve had a break from diving and want to start again, why not pay us a visit? If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. Happy Diving!


  • 2 large RIBs (Rigid-hull Inflatable Boat) with powerful 200hp outboards engines, housed in our own boatshed. These 7m RIBS are capable of carrying 20 divers at speeds of 35knots to off shore dive sites!
  • The club has its own slipway for local diving and we can also tow the boats to other dive sites and launch from there.
  • Our own 10cfm compressor with charging banks, providing free air to members.
  • A rebreather diver waiting to jump in.
  • We also have our own O2 blending facility which we can use to blend nitrox mixes for recreational diving, or provide high percentage oxygen mixes for extended range diving or rebreather divers. (Nitrox and O2 subject to a small fee.)
  • We also have 20 complete sets of training equipment (Mares and Cressi-sub) which can be used free of charge by trainee divers as they complete their Ocean Diver Course.


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SYSAC is a friendly club and warmly welcomes new members. If you would like to join, please download the application from here and return it to the club.

We are a members club but visitors will be warmly welcomed into our clubhouse for a drink and a meal.

Swansea Yacht & Sub Aqua Club

The Clubhouse,

Pockett’s Wharf, East Burrows Rd

Swansea, SA1 1RE

Swansea Yacht and Sub Aqua Club

OFFICE: (01792) 469 084

CLUBHOUSE: (01792) 469 096

FAX: (01792) 469 097